Marco Polo World Foundation Launches Membership Program!

Marco Polo World Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization founded in 2007. MPWF provides four programs:

(1) Outreach. Annual DFW Dragon boat, Kite and Lantern Festival. Learn more about the festival.

(2) Scholarships. MPWF scholarship for high school graduates and college students.Learn more about the scholarship program.

(3) Internships. MPWF Internships. Learn more about the Internship program.

(4) Asian Culture Seminar. MPWF membership. Learn more about the membership program.


Membership in the Marco Polo World Foundation benefits individuals and the community through a variety of programs and events.

We provide opportunities for our members to network with professionals, businesses, communities, and others. Involvement in the Marco Polo World Foundation will help you strengthen your business and cultural relationships within the community.

A list of benefits of our membership

  • Various business network opportunities for our members in different areas
  • Internship opportunities open to our members
  • Free admission to our fall Picnic
  • Free parking in the Dragon Boat Festival
  • Discount registration fees for boat racing in Annual DFW Dragon Boat, Kite and Lantern Festival
  • Discount tickets to networking events
  • Volunteer and other opportunities

Marco Polo World Foundation Membership Dues Categories:

Student Membership
$20 per year, $30 for 2 years
Individual Membership
$40 per year, $70 for 2 years, $300 for lifetime
Family Membership
The membership covers the family with two adults and children under 18. It's $70/year or $120 for 2 years or $500 for lifetime

Application Form

Click HERE to download the application form.

Contact Us

If you are interested and older than the age of 18, please e-mail your completed application form, resume and cover letter to, We look forward to hear from you.