Asian Culture Seminar

With its diverse background, Marco Polo World Foundation brings introductory culture courses to school districts in the DFW Metroplex and celebrate Asian-Pacific American heritage with children of all ages.

Asian Culture


A new language opens a door to a new culture. From Nihao (你好) to Konijiwa, Asia has more than 50 different ways to say Hello. MPWF’s Asian culture seminars feature beginner level language lessons in which children can learn greetings and common phrases in some of the most popular Asian languages.


Etiquette represents a country’s rich culture. Familiarity of its etiquette can help the new generations to make interactions with people from a different culture. In its Asian cultural seminars, MPWF brings professional etiquette teachers and former expats in Asia to talk about Asian countries’ different expectations on social behavior.


In MPWF’s Asian cultural seminars, children will learn the history and traditions embedded in each detail of traditional costumes, and get a chance to try on some of the costumes including Chinese Han Fu, Japanese Kimono, Vietnam Ao Dai, Indian Sari and many more.


Children in the DFW Metroplex may have access to a variety of national dishes from Asia, but they seldom get the chance to know the ingredients unique to the culture and the role the dish plays in the country’s history. MPWF’s Asian cultural seminars introduce them to the rich heritage hidden inside the most popular Asian ethnic food in America, and offers opportunities for the children to make some of the dishes by themselves.


Calligraphy, watercolor paintings and martial arts are some of most known cultural representations of Asia in America. MPWF brings demos and practices of these art forms to classrooms, as well as some others that are lesser known: embroidery, paper cutting, ikebana and many more.


Originally devoted to the divine, dances are a way to express feelings unique to each culture. It incorporates history, folklores, costumes, music and many other cultural representations into one form of performing arts. MPWF brings professional dancers from different Asian backgrounds to its seminars and presents different dance performances to the classrooms.